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List of Wedding Invitations Printers

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Hi BTBs,

Hope it is ok with the moderators to create this topic as I was having some trouble browsing the forum for wedding card printers. So here's a list of card printers that I've compiled from the forum and from my own research to ease browsing. :)

Do note that this is not a promotion of any of them ya. :)

Preprinted cards mostly below RM5 (also accept customisation)

(1) LH Creative : http://lh-creative.com.my/index.html

(2) Sri Nagamas : http://www.nagamaspr...g.com/index.php

(3) Red Card : http://www.redcard.com.my/ OR http://www.weddingcard2u.com/

(4) Chan Brothers : http://www.weddingcardshop.com.my/ OR http://www.chanbroth.../portfolio.html

(5) One Stop Wedding Card Centre : https://www.facebook...re/265984045058

(6) Wedding House : http://www.weddinghouse.com.my/

(7) Rose Card : http://www.rosecard....p?contentID=532

(8) Lovely Romance : http://lovely-romanc...m/en_index.html

(9) Elaniey Creative : https://www.facebook...21800?sk=photos

(10) Purple Collections : www.purplecollection.net

Customised and handmade cards mostly above RM5 (some cards which have been produced before for previous clients are cheaper than customisation from scratch)

(1) Sunflower : http://www.sunflower...1&pid=33&pgno=2

(2) mystorybook : http://www.mystorybo...eetingcard.aspx

(3) paperthrill : http://www.paperthrill.com/

(4) onetree : http://www.onetree.com.my/index2.php (THIS IS GOOD STUFF - FOR THOSE WITH BUDGET)

(5) acadia : http://www.acadiacard.com/

(6) Papier Love : http://www.papierlove.com/

(7) 983wedding : http://www.983wedding.com/

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I tried this one for my sister wedding.

Gogoprint Malaysia

They are Online Printing in South East Asia. They have free design service and deliver to our home. I tried to print once and I like it ! Their website look pretty cool. Also, my wedding cards look awesome as well.

They have so many products that you can print such as Wedding cards, Wedding Invitation cards, and Business Cards.

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