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We are a bit late now for posting this, however we still think that it will be great to share with others who have the same thought as we do~

a simple and an intimate Destination Wedding with lots DIY thingy.

our Wedding our Way


Date: 01.11.11

Venue: Krabi, Thailand

Ceremony: DIY @ Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Reception: The Kitchen @ Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Guests: 30 peoples only (that's we called it an INTIMATE wedding)

Dress style: casual and freeform, by the beach

Dress code: neutral, meet the sand

you are always welcome to email me if you are planning a destination wedding, we are happy to share our experience with you.

All the best and happy planning.

Cheers, Tiffany

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Every people has different piece of mine. What we had might not suit the others. therefore, I would say the 'best' location for destination wedding is very personal.

Our main priority choosing Krabi because we prefer somewhere international n yet close enough for all friends and families easy to get to and be a part of the wedding celebration.

and of course, we all never been to Krabi before and therefore we would like everyone to have this 'memorable first in the lifetime' experience in Krabi is for our wedding ceremony' :)

A place that is not touristy, low-key n tranquil for relax and getaway.

Good value for money comparing other popular places for wedding.

herewith a few guidelines may help to set your ideal destination wedding

  • number of guests you thinking of having (the smaller the better)
  • you'll spending lots of time and effort coordinating with the vendors about the flights info, accommodation and transportation for your friends and families apart from your wedding plans.
  • you'll also spending lots of time organising your wedding from oversea, if you are not going to appoint a wedding planner(extra costs)
  • pay a visit to your ideal resort for wedding if you have a chance, you'll surprise yourself that you'll still missed out things after all the details discussion with the person-in-charge. :)
  • be realistic about your budget, will you going to include the cost of their flights, accommodation and transportation etc.

Destination wedding can be cost saving or vise-versa. Hope these help.

Cheers, Tiffany

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