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Pre-loved wedding gown, evening gown, modern Chinese gown (qipao), cheongsam & shoes for sale

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Hi bride-to-be's,

Exciting time ahead for you ;) Am letting go the following items which have only been used once, very well kept in a brand new condition. I am a petite (slim) bride, height 5"2. The gowns are all custom made, some with customised designs so they are one-of-a-kind (including shoes) & have been professionally cleaned at Pressto after the wedding:

1. Wedding gown - white, sweet heart neckline, Swarovski crytal beadings & lace embroidery esp the top half of the gown, medium length train

2. Evening gown - deep blue with elegant Swarovski crytal beadwork to bring out the colour, tie-back i.e criss-cross tying (hence suitable for brides of all sizes), medium length train with wrist hoop to hold up train (if necessary)

3. Modern Chinese gown (qipao) - very unlike any qipao, this is my favourite piece as the design is customised & one of it's kind, modern yet traditional, colours of red & golden cream with phoenix designs elegantly beaded (Swarovski crystals), front, middle opening & train

4. Short cheongsam - only worn for half an hour during tea ceremony, white Chinese silk with elegant blue green peacock design, short sleeved, lace back (shoulder bit)

5. Shoes - custom-made designs

i) one is in white, with Swarovski crystals & a satin ribbon sash for the strap (it's very different from anything in shops)

ii) gold with Swarovski crystals

Please drop me a note along with your email if you are keen on viewing photos of the gowns & shoes :)

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Hi bec2506,

I interested too. Btw, I didn't receive ur email. Could u resend to gracecpf@yahoo.com

Hi Grace, I sent it to you on Jul 25... Have resent :) Do let me knw if you still haven't rcvd it... I sent it fr my Gmail... If it still doesn't reach you I'll use my other email a/c. Thanks!

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Hi All,

We have many weddings gowns for sale after fashion photography shoot in Taiwan. Dresses are all priced less than RM800. Brand new just worn by model for a day shoot.

PM me for details, thanks



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