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Our Pre-Wedding by Mike Tan - Wedding & Modern Portraiture

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Hello to all newly married and bride/groom to be.. I am new here as I have discovered this website only recently.
Anyway, I hope I am not too late to share our pre-wedding photograph done by Mike Tan
We both had a very great experience throughout the photo session, althought all of us were exhausted and tired during the shooting, but Mike and his team did a very great job with his passion and professionalism.

We woud like to take this opportunity to thank him by sharing some great shots that we like, if you guys would like to see the full album, kindly PM me and I shall share the link with you guys. :)












most importantly, their package are not expensive at all :D

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Hi congrats, the photos really nice, thanks for sharing.

do you kind share your package details.


Thank you

Hello Nicole

Thanks so much for your reply and great to know that you like our pictures. I have already emailed you the package details last night. :)

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Hi cutie_yoyo, your pre-wedding photos are very beautiful. Can you also PM me the package please. What about your gowns and make-up during the shoot?

Thank you.

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Hi cutie_yoyo!

Lovely pictures! May I know where you took the photos, pls? We are looking for locations for our prewedding photoshoot & appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks lots :)

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