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These are the most popular location for Pre-Wedding in malaysia:

1. Putrajaya - Lake, Green garden, buildings, bridge, pullman resort & etc

2. UPM - farm, green, trees, nature.. need to apply permit with RM200

3. Frim - nature, green, trees. RM100 applied for the permission

4. KTM - heritage, building RM100 applied (if not mistaken)

5. Cameron Highland - french style buildings, nature, tea plantation, waterfalls, flower farm, trees, gardens & etc.

6. Penang - heritage, building,beach, mountain, garden, park, fishing village, resort & etc

7. Taiping - park, old style buildings, garden

8. Ipoh - heritage, old style building, park, garden, nature & etc

9. Fraser Hills - nature, waterfalls, garden, trees, green & etc

10. Sekeping Serendah - nature, trees, resort (RM200 applied if not mistaken)

11. TUDM - air force, musuem (temporary closed for photo session)

12. Ulu Yam - nature, waterfalls, park

13. Bayan Lalang - beach, fishing village, Gold coast resort

14. Sekinchan - paddy fields, fishing village, beach

15. Malacca - Heritage, pre-war building, Nyonya style streets...

16. Port Dickson - nature, beach, resort

17. Langkawi - Paddy fields, resorts, mountain, beach

18. Pangkor - beach, nature, resorts

19. Kota Kinabalu - beach, nature, mountain, park.. green

What is your pre-wedding location? can share with us?

Thank you



Malaysia, Singapore & Netherland based wedding photographer


FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/VanessaMoonPhotography

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