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Interior design and renovation

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D'nito Studio

Strength and Experience:

We have undertaking and completing numerous projects. Our experience team with various combinations of work force plus our reputation, we have delivered our design and products within a reasonable budget, schedule and quality.

Scope of services:

1. Interior design consultant

2. 3D design and visualization

3. Landscape design

4. Construction and project management

For more information, please login our website or facebook http://www.dnitostudio.com for our portfolios. Many thanks.


TY Yew 017 799 6010

D'nito Studio

A-20-03, PV13,

Jalan Saujana 1, Taman Danau Kota

Danau Kota, 53300 KL.

Email : design@dnitostudio.com

Web-site : www.dnitostudio.com








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A Suggestion To Save Garden Water Bill …and Save Time...

You may have experienced in most cases that maintaining a great garden requires your full hearted care to them to make sure the plants grow well and healthy. They are a master piece of your home and building.

Having that said, sunlight, plant food and water are essential p art of the equation in having healthy and growing landscape. With ample of sunlight throughout the years in most states, couple with plant food that you may have practicing the supply every month (by you or your gardener), the next key thing is the daily thirst of your plants in your garden.

Many of us would have spent an average 30-45 min of watering time daily with hundreds of liters of tap water running through your garden hose each watering cycle reaching to your garden plants. But, have you thought of there is a way to make it simple for you and save at least 50%-70% of water each watering cycle and most importantly, they can operate on its own without you having physically.

Take an example, the following spray head is Hydromate SPF1 sprinkler saves at least 50% of water bill if coupled with right garden watering controller to deliver just right watering duration.

this is how it looks like when it sprays your grass and plants.


The following picture is the same unit but sitting idle when it does not spray, avoid unnecessary accident kick by your children with total flat surface of the sprinkler head.


Another great saving of water is an application you can apply if you are plants lover, the Hydromate Drip Irrigation system with adjustable drip nozzle. Success stories showing a great 60%-80% water for flower pots watering using Hydromate drip nozzles in which big pots will get more water and small pots is getting less, thanks to the adjustable drip head.


More TIME and WATER saving opportunity can be found at www.hydromateirrigation.com. Check that out. Ensure everyone can afford ...

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HYDROMATE specializes in garden pop up sprinkler system, micro irrigation and drip system . We turn your daily manual watering burdern into FULLY AUTOMATED system programmed solution. Now, HYDROMATE System runs the watering for you at the time you preferred. Watering can now be done without any constraint.




  1. We offer widest range of products and be the distributor for local and oversea market.
  2. No pump needed. Our solution works with government water supply. Ie SYABAS, PBA.
  3. The system can water vertical and horizontal landscape
  4. Water saving up to 40%.
  5. System can automate the watering for all scenarios (planterboxes, potted plants, carpet grass, hanging orchid, Plants on wall and etc)
  6. System runs at ZERO cost on labor. Now fully rely on the computer system to turn on and off the watering.
  7. Ability to water your balcony plants even if you don’t have water source.

How To Reach Us?

Project Engagement/Sales Line: 0124312972 (Mr.Chang)

Email: automaticwateringsolutions@gmail.com.

WEB: www.automaticwateringsolutions.webs.com

Website: www.hydromateirrigation.com

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Do you want to make a new gate or door or other steel products for you new home?
But dont no or lazy to find it?Now with weng shin enterprise S/B is the best way to you!!
We are specialist in~
*Free Quote
*Design Provided
*Photo Choosing of products
*Stainless Steel Products
*Steel Products
*Other Own Design Products
Want to know more just visit us now~http://wengshinent.blogspot.com/

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All your interior design are very beautiful.For my new home I am looking for few carpet.So can you suggest me any good carpet company which are producing carpet..Some of my friend suggest me shadat.

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Interiors are one of the best way to increase the home beauty of home. to increase the home beauty try to add on with Neoaroma aroma diffuser  Aroma diffuser will increase the home interior as well it increase the positiveness in the home environment  and  increase our health as well. Try with this aroma diffuser to increase the interior's.   

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