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Dear BTBs

I was a DIY bride and I've customade 3 gowns for my wedding in Dec 2012.

Now that my wedding's past, I would like to find a new owner for my gorgeous gowns. :)

(1) Wedding Gown : http://www.howimetmyweddingdress.com/index.php?cur=dress/view&id=29&title=Preloved_Customade_Wedding_Gown

- worn 2 times ( in total about 8 hours for ROM and AD )
- comes with 2 veils (1 cathedral veil & 1 fingertip veil)
- comes with detachable vera wang embelished belt
- Sweetheart strapless top with full patched lace and embellishment with tulle bottom (A line)

(2) Qipao Gown :

- worn 1 time (about 2 hours only)
- for some reason, everybody who saw me in this qipao loved it very much.
- mermaid cutting with train
- with patched lace and embelishements

(3) Evening Gown :

- worn 2 times (in total about 5 hours)
- mermaid cutting with train
- full lace with embelishments

These are my measurements:
Height : 160 cm
Measurements : 32-24-36 inches

The gowns can be altered plus minus 2-4 inches to suit the new bride.

I am selling them with a heavy heart as I've put in a lot of effort to design and make them.

Do leave me your email here or PM me for more information on the gowns.

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hi interested in qipao. what colour is it?

could u email me the pic & price too? sue.jst.chang@gmail.com

thanx =)

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Well, here i want to buy the wedding dress and evening dress. Wedding dress should be in very attractive manner, so i want to buy white color with new model and stylish dress, so can you send the images to me.

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I am interested can you please send me some pics and price?



Hi, can you please pm me at carmentcyw@yahoo.com about the price and picture. Thanks.


Interested in your dresses. Please email me the price and pics, please! ch3ll3@gmail.com

hi babes, check your emails ya! :)

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