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affordable designer wedding gown & evening gown for sale

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I'm selling my Eric Choong wedding gown and It's my Party (by Pronovias) evening gown which I bought from Singapore. I live in Petaling Jaya, and can arrange for meeting someone during the weekends or weekdays for trying it out. Pictures were taken before my fitting.

Wedding dress

post-45544-0-03931700-1357558787_thumb.j post-45544-0-65990200-1357558796_thumb.j

post-45544-0-09843200-1357558805_thumb.j post-45544-0-05162900-1357558810_thumb.j

And the photo on the day itself! Makes for beautiful picture taking


Evening dress

post-45544-0-53003100-1357558609_thumb.j post-45544-0-45589700-1357558629_thumb.j

Both dresses received tons of compliments. One key thing is that these are elegant with a lot of fine details yet simple. And most importantly very comfortable so you don't have to go on a carb-free diet to hide your tummy before!

Please message me to find out more or if you would like to see more pictures! I paid RM 6k for the Wedding Dress, and about RM4k for the Evening Dress (after SGD conversion).


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Hi Sue, we would like to invite you to list your wedding dresses with us at www.howimetmyweddingdress.com for free if you'd like to explore other avenues to sell your dresses. You can email me at jean@howimetmyweddingdress.com if you need more details. Thanks!

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