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Hi girls,

I just had my wedding last month and we did alot of DIY stuff hence the extras that's on sale now. Every item is in very good condition, some are even new! We actually love everything and wanna keep everything for 'sentimental value' sake but we just don't have the space for it all

1- white lanterns - RM 28 (qty:3 SOLD)
2- white heart lanterns - RM 25 each 9.5" (h) x 3" (w) STILL HAVE 8 LEFT
3- tea light hanging lantern - RM 10 each 10"(h) x 7.5" (w) STILL HAVE 7 LEFT
4- mini pegs (heart-shaped) new - RM5 (pack of 10pcs) - i have white and pink in color (qty: 9packs)
5- mini pegs (wooden) RM5 (pack of 80pcs) SOLD
6- mini chalkboard pegs RM 5 each (qty: 10) 7cm (w) x 5cm (height of board) height of peg 7.5cm
7- retro coffee cups (small) - RM 5 each (qty: 4)
8- retro coffee jug (metal) - RM 28 base diameter 13cm, 18cm (h) , 750ml (vol)
9- milk mug - RM 12 top diameter 6.5cm, base diameter 8cm, 13.5cm (h)
10- Gold candle holder RM 15 each (qty: 4) 8.5cm diameter, 10.5cm (h)
11- Rubber stamps with all kinds of designs - RM 8-15
12- 'Hearts' decorative fairy lights - several designs RM 25 (qty: 4) 2meter length each
13- Gold beads string RM 15 (18ft long)
14- Candy jar (medium size) RM 50
15- Alphabet blocks (letter: W,D,E O, K) - RM 10-12 each
16- Jars (medium and small) RM 3-4 each SOLD
17- Label cards (brown rustic) RM 5 (a stack)
18- Small white 'U' dish - RM 5 each (qty: 8- good for snacks/ appetizer/ candies, tea light holder or deco) SOLD

(*Updated list)

Also for sale, are my two lovely gowns. One is a princess tulle + lace gown with diamante, the other is a lace mermaid gown with a sexy low back. Both are only used for a half-day wedding shoot and are professionally dry-cleaned. Price negotiable.

Princess gown -rm500
Mermaid gown- rm600

PM me if interested. I'll email you the photos! Please include your email address in your replies.

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Are the deco items still for sale? If so, please drop me an e-mail at trina.ssy@gmail.com.

Many thanks!

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Hi Scent. Could you kindly email me the pictures of the items you are selling.

email: jkyweds@gmail.com

Thanks a bunch

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