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List to do & discussion with partner ...

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Hi ,

I have my wedding date fix in Jan 2013, I have done part of it and right now I think I stuck because I dont know what to do. I just need some advise what else should I prepare and any other things that I need to do before the day . Anything that I have missed out ? Any list that you guys have that can share with me on what to do ?

What I have done

- Booked the venue

- Booked the Bridal for pre wedding, , 4 months before the actual date only need to go for the photo shooting

- Name list almost done , only 4 months before only they will ask for the list the hotel need our name list .

- Bought ring already

What's in my mind and confused

What I must do 1 day before the pre wedding picture ?

What I must I do 1 day before the actual day ?

Have not discuss the expenses with partner, any idea usually who is paying what ?

The dowry for now what is the standard rate ?

Any recommended place to get nice wedding heels ?

Thanks for helping me ...

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My big day will be in Oct 2013 and I am busy most of the weekend to prepare the things. I am a DIY BTB, so I start making craft and prop for photo shooting. I dont hire bridal shop, so need to search the dresses. That keep me so busy but satisfying with the result so far.

I think you need to discuss abt the expenses with your FH to avoid conflict.

My opinion, the day before prewedding shoot and actual day, you just need to relax, pamper yourself and get ready to be pretty the next day. I am planning to do facial mask, medi pedi and sleep earlier. Again, preparation must be done earlier so you can sleep earlier on those night.

Good luck and happy preparing, Vievie.


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Hi Yoyo , Thanks for the info .

Do you mind share with me usually who is supposed to pay what and what . Cuz I am afraid that I will hurt my partner feeling or either of us .

For facial , pedi and medi , you think how many days in advance we should do ?

Where do you get the info , any website for the DIY things that you do ?

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Hi Vievie,

We sum up the whole budget and decide to pay 50-50, or you may decide on the other rate, example 60-40 etc.

I plan to do my facial 1 week before and followed by mask at home frequently. Oh yea, just to share with you, I find out bird nest is good for skin. My prewedding shooting is about 3 weeks away. I do facial mask and consume ready brid nest twice a week. I found out my skin show much improvement. I am taking the ready bird nest bought at guardian which the price is definitely affordable.

Pedi and medi, I will do a day before becoz I am not the gentle type person. ha ha ha...

My craft work, you can view at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoyos-ToolBox/334130136672052?fref=ts This is my hobby page at first but now and slowly I will update my craft work here. I will update more starting from June onwards.

Good luck ! ><

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