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De-Casamia Pre-Wedding Package To Let Go!!!

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Hi, I have a pre-wedding photo package from De-Casamia(SS2)for sale. The original price of the package is RM 4099 after discount from bridal fair (Original Price RM4399) but have paid RM 1600 for deposit. I am now selling it at RM 1400 (negotiable). Please PM me if you are interested and I will send all the details of the package to you.

Thank you.

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Package: RM4399-RM300 = RM4099 (Deposit paid: RM1600)

I am now selling it at RM 1400 (negotiable)

Wedding Gown:2
Evening Gown:2
Traditional Gown:1

Outdoor: (choose either 1)
- Ulu Yam
- FRIM - RM100 entrance fee
- Taman Tun
- Putra Jaya

Not included:
- Ampoules x RM30(Male/Female)
- Eye Lasher x RM30
- Hair Colours x RM30

Actual Day:
1 - Wedding Gown
2 - Evening Gown
2 - coat
1 - Car Decoration

Album Size: Big:18x24 - 30poses E-photo (10set, 20pages)
Album Size: Small:12x8 - 20poses full page (Diff. pose)
36x24 E-photo or 40x20 - 1 F/fex
4R - 100pcs (10poses)
15x10 - 2 Frame/fex

DVD x 1 copy (1 design, 1 song) + (Slideshow 1 Music)
CDR x 1 copy (50poses) (Touch up)
Guest Book x 1
Banner x (24x72) or (48x36)
Album Bag 18" - 1

1) Bouquet RM138 (Rose + 2 Corsage)
2) Ribbon Ball & Car Sticker (10pcs)
3) Mini Albulm 6"x4.5 (Same poses)
4) 40% Crystal Frame x 1pc

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