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Retirement planning

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I have good retirement plan for you..

Short term commitment: 5 or 8 years

High return when maturity up to 4 times of your capital

PM me for more detail & free quotation.


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A piece of advise coming from an insurance agent. Whenever we look at savings plan, my advise is be aware of the associated insurance charges that comes with the plan.

The thing about insurance is that its main purpose is to provide financial PROTECTION against financial impact that one may suffer in the event of a critical illness, disabled or even medical. THAT is the cornerstone of an insurance plan.

Do not be brainwashed by agents sales talk by giving high projections. If you dont know how to calculate the ROI or IRR of the plan, do ask anyone who can from other forums.

You would be surprised that most insurance plans are only able to provide a projections of below 5% compounded ROI for the entire tenure of the plan.

Why? This is because insurance comes with insurance charges, agent commission, admin charges and what not that makes it simply unattractive if anyone would want to look at only the RETURNS.

Get your facts right! Insurance is for PROTECTION, NEVER for investments. Even if the plan is called INVESTMENT LINKED it is NOT for investment.

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living cost and everything is getting higher every year, inflation. My father don't even dare to think about retire, epf alone is not enough.

Those with few property can have better lifestyle after retire.

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