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Keep Gallery Pre-Wedding Package for Sale

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Hi, I have a comprehensive bridal package from Keep Gallery for sale. The original price of the package is RM3,999, and I have paid a deposit amounting to RM1,200. I am selling it for RM1200 and should you take my package you will need to pay another RM2799 to Keep Gallery. The reason I am selling this package is because my bf is going to be posted in oversea for work soon and we have decided to take the pre-wedding photos there. Below are the items provided in the package:

Pre-Wedding Shoot (1 day shooting)
3 or 4 Gowns for photo shooting depending on location of photography

Photography (has earlier booked B.Sam as photographer)
Indoor studio
Outdoor studio (KL or Ipoh* area) (*note: Ipoh photographer)

Make up & Hairdo (included)
Ampoules are not provided (RM 35 each if buying from Keep Gallery)

Wedding Day
1 x Wedding Gown
2 x Evening Gown
1 x Coat for Man

Car Decoration (inclusive for Bridal car & Heng Dai car decos) + Toy (for bridal car only)
Bridal Bouquet (included) & Groom Corsage (included)


12 x 18 - 30 poses design (20 pages)

12 x 12 - 30 poses (20 pages ) (Special edit by Keep Gallery)

24 x 36 - 1 pc photo frame (Picture for bedroom)

10 x 15 - 2 pcs photo frame (Table top pictures)

4 x 6 - 80 pcs (10 poses) (Ji Mui pics)

DVD - 1 pc 2 songs (60 poses)

CDR - 60 poses T-up High Res

Formega Frame 1 pc (A big photo frame with your wedding photo selected by Keep Gallery) * Specially requested during Bridal Fair with no extra charges :P

FOC: 1 Guest Book (for actual day)

*All softcopy will be returned and can be printed up to 5R size

This is a very good deal which was negotiated during January 2014 bridal fair in Mid Valley and is valid for 3 years. Please pm me if you are interested. Thank you. :)

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Its great list of packages for those are gonna marriage but if you should have given price list along with its details that would be more convenient.

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HI SusanH, thanks for your feedback. I had actually stated in my post that the pre-wedding package is RM3999 and I have paid up RM1200 to the BS. I am reselling the package at the same price when I signed which is RM3999. Basically, the interested party would require to pay me RM1200 and the remaining balance should be paid to the BS. I do not have the breakdown of the package unfortunately but whichever details which I know of had been listed above. Hope this post clarifies your doubts and any other enquires or feedbacks are welcome. Thank you. :)

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**Very Taipei Bridal Studio Package to let go at RM 3688 (Original RM4988)**

I have to let go my package due to some working and family issues.

Please email me for more information regarding the package details: lei_ocean08@hotmail.com

Thank you very much.

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