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Pre wedding photography package to let go.

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Hi everyone,

I have a pre wedding package from Micasa bridal house cost RM3699 to let go.

My fiance and I are having some plan changing in between, because we might just go for travel marriage.

I am sure many of you the bride-to-be are doing survey or signing up at the wedding expo during the weekend. If you havent sign up to any bridal house for your prewedding shooting, you can have a look on my pre-wed package with Micasa.

I signed up with them few weeks before the expo, it is a very good package which me n my fiance sign in right away on our first visit. paid deposit RM1000, but right now my fiance seems having some different plan in his mind. -.-

Ok, so here's the package details:

Photography session

* Wedding gown/evening gown/costume gown - x5 (open section, you can choose all of the gowns)

* Bridegroom's coat - x5

* Makeup/hairdo - x5

* accessories

* outdoor shooting within kl area

* indoor shooting

Actual day

* wedding gown/ evening gown - x2+1(optional) open to all gowns

* accessories

* bridegroom's coat - x2

* bridal bouquet - x1

* corsages - x2

* car deco - x1

* love shape paper & ribbon balls - x8


12x18 fully design 2in1 lace border album 20 pages, 60 poses

8x12 full page lace border album 20 pages

36x24/22x48 frame photo (床头照)x 1

12x18 frame photo x3

Movement dvd (1 song) 30 poses x1

Album leather suitcase x 1

CD with selected 60 poses (original + touch up) x 1


- love card 52 pcs 13 poses

- family shooting for bride & groom's family ( can choose 2 and put in frame)

- signature poster

There are few foc upgrade that I havent choose yet.

Pm me for more info or if you are interested with it.

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