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I noticed there are already 2 other topics on the same bridal house. Both of them only posted all positive comments and i'm not sure if the entire comment is sincere. However, I would like to share my own true experience with the bridal house for the benefit of all future brides.

My fiance paid full on the package during a wedding fair in MidValley last year somewhere in June. Initially, I was worried as the salesman was quite pushy and he made my fiance pay in full without asking if we just want to pay deposit. He stressed that i can choose all bridal gowns including VIP section. However, the next day I went back to the fair and clarified, those "tailor-made" section is not included. He then assured me there is no such section in Taiwan and i can choose ALL bridal gowns in their bridal shop in Taiwan. Oh well, despite the worry I had, I kept my fingers crossed that everything went well.

According to them, New York Vogue (taiwan) bought over De Paris and now renamed to New York Vogue, and they shifted their office from Loke Yew to SS2. One mistake I made was we never asked where is their office located in Taiwan and assume it will be in Taipei. However, only when I tried to plan my trip then I realised their bridal house in Taiwan is in PingTung, a small little town located 1 hour + drive away from Kaohsiung.

I would say my experience in Kaohsiung considered quite good. My flight last minute delayed and I could only reach at midnight instead of 8pm as I informed them (they provide return airport transfer from Kaohsiung airport). Despite such odd hour, they are willing to wait till midnight and pick us up from the airport, and send us to the Min Su (home stay) provided by them, which is near Ping Tung town.

Next day was my gown fitting/choosing day. They picked us up almost noon to their bridal shop. I would say they are quite patient already, as according to my fiance, I was quite picky especially when it comes to the white bridal gown. We were there for almost 6 hours, including waiting for them to alter the gowns on the spot and try it on again. They bought us bento set as "lunch" as we told them we didn't had lunch before we came, but we only get to eat while waiting for them to alter the gowns around late afternoon. The only set back is that the photographer that I chose was on leave on my gown fitting day and thus the make up artist was the one had a pre-discussion on the type of photos and venue that we prefer.

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Also, forgot to mention, in Kaohsiung's bridal house, they still have this section, despite just a small section, where they require us to top up if I want to rent those gowns. Guess the salesman in Malaysia was not truthful enough.

Next day was the photoshoot day. I would say all of them are professional. I was given my preferred make up artist and photographer as promised. We were picked up from our home stay at 7.30am and went photoshooting all the way to Kenting National Park. I was lucky that the weather was good, not too sunny and no rain, despite very strong wind. They bought us bento set for lunch and dinner and we had to just eat in the car (not wasting any time dining in any restaurants) to maximize our trip. We were sent back to our home stay almost 8.30pm, and the driver offered to further drive us (and another couple) to the night market in town (few kms) away. We had to just take taxi back to our home stay after that.

The following day was the photo-choosing day. I would say....their salesgirl was quite pushy too (but that's the nature of sales person right?). But the photos taken are really amazing and up to my fiance's expectation (cos my fiance has much higher expectation than me). Just felt that I could have chosen nicer gowns instead XD. After we chose our photos and other complimentary accessories, they send us to Kaohsiung home stay (some Min Su that I booked myself for my extended trip). The girl who drove us there was very friendly and she made sure she send us to the door step and ensure that we were checked in before she left.

All in all, I thought the experience was fabulous despite some black dots.

In Malaysia, I went to the new bridal shop on an ad hoc basis (i.e. no appointment) just to have a look at the gowns, although my wedding day is like 9 months down the road. I told them I do not need anyone to serve me as I just wanted to look at the gowns, but they still appoint a girl to bring me around, taking out some gowns for me to see. I must say the girl was very patient!

However, I tried calling them recently at the SS2 bridal shop's phone number, nobody picks up the call, which make me a bit annoyed. Nevertheless, I will post my review on my gown fitting session in Malaysia (for actual day) and any other reviews on the bridal house down the road.

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