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Hi everyone,
I have a pre wedding package from SG BRIDAL HOUSE cost RM4799 to let go.
My fiance and I are decided to take the package in Singapore. 

I  paid a  deposit of RM1400, willing to let go at RM800.

Here's the package details:

Photography session(60poses)
* Wedding gown - x8 (open section, you can choose all of the gowns)

* Night gown - x4 (open section, you can choose all of the gowns)
* Bridegroom's coat - x2
* Makeup/hairdo - x2
* accessories
* outdoor shooting within JB/Singapore/Malacca area (additional transport charges may apply for outside JB area)
* indoor shooting

Actual day
* wedding gown/ evening gown - x3 open to all gowns
* accessories
* bridegroom's coat - x2
* bridal bouquet - x1
* car deco - x1

*15x24 cross page album 12pages, 40 poses
*6R fullpage album 10 pages/21 poses (same poses)
*24x30/20x40 frame photo x 1
*8R table top x2 pcs
*Dvd montage (2 song) (wedding photo)
*CD with selected 60 poses (original + touch up) x 1

- Book mark 80 pcs 
- Poster

Pm me for more info or if you are interested with it.



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