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Pre-wedding package to let go (Bridal shop at Seremban) *Shooting outside Sban with no additional charges.

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Hi All,

As above. i am letting go my pre-we'd package that I signed some time ago. It will definitely worth more than 6k if you have the same outside.

RM4,600 (incl GST) with the following details.


1. Shooting Day: 6 gowns (All gown can choose from shop)

2. Studio make up

3. 12 pages 12x36 computer design photo album with 45 poses 

4. 8x12 full album with 21 poses (different posses!)

5.100 pcs 10 poses sister postcard

6. 1pc album box

7. 1pc DVD with 66 poses for show in wedding day- with songs ( you can provide your own photo for them to add into the video)

8. 1pc 24x48 frame

9. 1pc 12x18 frame

10. 1pc dvd with all soft copy original photo (unlocked)-include those not been selected for album

11. Wedding day: 3 gowns(2 new gowns)

12. 1 fresh flowers

13. Free Car decoration

14. Free family photo shoot on the shooting day. (not include printing)


Paid 1060, and the balance will be required upon gown trying and final payment upon the album collection.


If interested,please email me at kumiko9009@gmail.com.

i am very responsive with email :)



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