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RM1600 Wedding Gowns Rental Package To Let Go

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Looking to let go a bridal gown rental package from Annie Loiseau bridal house in PJ. 

Paid RM2500 for the package - entitled to TWO gowns of your choice from their wide range of gowns (including white wedding gowns and dinner gowns). Lots of colros, stlyes and designs to choose from that can fit any body type.

All their gowns are designed and directly imported from the Annie Loiseau main shop located in the UK.

It's a very good deal as their regular dress rentals can range from upwards of RM1.5k per dress. I'm letting go the package because I am going to custom make my gown.

Check out some of their gowns on their facebook page:


Price is negotiable! Please let me know if you're interested :)

*All images sourced from the facebook page.





UPDATE: I have already picked the two gowns in the package BUT if you are interested, we can transfer the package to your name and you are allowed to re-select either or both gowns. The fee for re-selecting is RM300/gown. So I am looking to sell off my package at only RM 1600 smile.png 

*last picture attached is one of the gowns I have pre-selected. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the second gown.

This means that a) If you like either one of the gowns I selected, you are allowed to re-select a second gown 
                              Total price paid for the gowns : RM 1600 + RM 300 = RM 1900
                           b) If you prefer to re-select your own two gowns, 
                              Total price paid = RM 1600 + RM 600 = RM 2200 only

                              (compared to the package price of RM 2500)

I'm really eager to transfer the package to someone else who wants it as I have already custom made my gown and I don't want the package to go to waste! 

Please contact me and we can discuss further.

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