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Newbie Sarawak and British Citizen marriage registration

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Dear all,

We found this forum online and hopefully somehow will get some further advices from their experiences.

We are looking for ANY EXPRESS WAY to get marriage certificate from start to end, get it done, off we go.  Highly appreciated if someone can shares their experiences with us, especially marriage preparation for marrying a foreigner.

Other than referring from website details, we hope to find more about it before wasting more time unnecessarily.

Here we go, we both, I'm Malaysian from Sarawak, and my fiance is a British Citizen.

Basically, we both are working professionals and now is time for us to formally tied knot happily.  We both agreed to spend time in Sarawak (since my British Citizen fiance falls in love with natural surroundings) and plan to register marriage there, honeymoon and etc.  

From NRD website:Registration Of Marriage For Non-Muslim Applicants General Information 

Question:  Is there any EXPRESS SERVICE in NRD or recommendation to engage any agent/official to help us with a fee please?

We understood we must register in NRD in Kuching, Sarawak.  Upon arrival, we both need to wait until 7+1 days, to file in marriage application.  After successful file in, then proceed another 21+1 to come back to file marriage registrations.


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