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As i was browsing through a list of mua, one in particular, caught my eye

We began communicating and even from the very beginning she wasn't friendly. I look pass beyond that because i look for professionalism from my mua

as my wedding will be outside of klang valley, i agreed to the fact that she marked up her price from 1k++ to 2k++ per make up

next is on her accommodation and plane tickets. The costs of course will be taken care by the client. she requested for her to bill me on her accommodation and flight tickets and of course i couldn't agree to the term. For all i know she could stay at a 5 star hotel and flying on a first class flight. So i gave her 2 options: either i purchase them for her or i'd give her my budget. She chose the first option

at that point of time, i promised to pay her deposit comes the weekdays, but i went on to purchase her flight tickets (inclusive of 20kg free baggage) first as i thought we have a mutual understanding. Upon her receiving the itinerary of her flight, thats when the trouble comes in

i guess shes not happy that im putting her on coach flights. She started on requesting for at least X star hotel or a budget: she will top up herself if its more than my budget. i was planning to give her the x star hotel without her even asking. Little did she know that i actually paid for her hotel room already, but out of good will, i gave her my budget. I told her my event will be a 2-day affair and i am willing to pay accommodation for 3 days 2 nights stay

she went on and said doesnt matter when my event will be that she requested for me to cover her 4 days 3 nights accommodation. Again, i agreed to her terms and increase my budget accordingly

she was still not happy and requested for me to increase my budget to a wholesome of rm200 from what im willing to pay. I said its ok, and meet in between of the budget she requested and i agreed to increase just another rm100

that's when she told me off and ask me to find another mua that can fit my budget. Real rude and very unappreciative. What i would describe her is definitely what we call 'sombong' or bitchy for that matter. Then i said it nicely to her to forget the whole deal

the way she handles the situation really made her a very not professional person. I actually cried the entire night thinking of how rude she treated me and that she made me feel so low that as if i can't afford to have a good mua for my reception. I was stupid enough to try and accommodate her even though it should be otherwise

i was thinking and analyzing what were mine and her mistakes while we negotiate on the terms or her service:

1. She did not mention her budget for accommodation and flight tickets. If she is such a diva, then please state in her quotation that she will only fly on MAS or stay at a 5-star hotel for an example. If she would have done so, i would immediately know that she is out of my range. That is her biggest mistake. 

2. Very bad attitude. She didn't even say thank you when i purchased her the tickets. She didn't even say sorry when things didnt work out. She have zero courtesy and im guessing that she will not be an easy person to deal with if say, in the future i were to tell her to change the makeup she put on or something along the way. People have feelings, if you dont have a customer, you wont even get any income. Is that how you treat a customer?

3. In my defense as a customer, i would say you are freaking working. It is not a holiday. why should you demand to stay at a nice place and an expensive plane ticket? Im not downgrading her or being sticky coz even for myself i would fly cheap and stay at a cheap place. What i would give her is much better than how i would treat my ownself. I dont think that is called sticky. No ordinary company would let their employee fly expensive flights and stay at 5 star hotel unless an MNC for which i am not. Wouldnt you agree?like i said should have mentioned that in her initital quotation

i hope this serves an example to all. Please don't ever hire or even think about using this mua. You don't have to go through my experience of feeling so low about yourself. You don't deserve to be treated by someone like that. Someone you are paying a much more than a dime for. If you were to say i'm sticky, mind you that, the total cost spent if i were to use her would be a whooping of rm6k++, which is definitely over priced.

Don't ever hire this mua:

instagram: nvdism

nvdism = nadi ismail

email address: nvdism86@gmail.com

i would gladly show her emails to anyone who request for it.

on the other hand i am super thankful that this happened in the beginning of my selection process..i wouldnt want to pay a mua like that and that they are other mua who can do a much better job


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