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My Brief REVIEW on 8 Wedding Boutiques Located at SS2 - Which Is Better?

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My Brief REVIEW on 8 Wedding Boutiques Located at SS2 - Which Is Better?






He popped the question. I said yes. Hooray! I am engaged! So it’s now time to pick out my preferred wedding photography and gowns from the best wedding vendor in town before my wedding day. So here I am sharing with you all about my experience and gathered information from my visit to several (8 in total) leading wedding boutiques in SS2 and what to expect from them.I hope this helps you to decide if you should visit the wedding boutiques and save some time.




oh before we start, there is a little tip for you when visiting wedding boutiques.Check their gowns and photograph albums before you look at their package price because if the wedding gown does not fit you even though they offer a very good package it is pretty futile. At the same time, once you leave the boutique, jot down on your phone the details and price they offer you in order to compare with the next boutique at the end of your search, so you will not forget the criteria.Now, see what I have got from them.





You have to check this out! Well-known local Astro TV host - Hui Mei had her gorgeous pre-wedding photos taken in PRECIOUS. Just came to realize many of my friends are also their clients, and the online reviews are positively promising. Just love with their natural photography style, simple yet able to capture the uniqueness of each couple. They have wide selection of bridal gowns, and you'll be sure to find even brand new ones without needing to pay any upgrade fees. Their yearly destination pre-wedding packages are highly anticipated. Needless to say the best part of all, is that the staffs are really approachable and friendly, which made the experience even better.










Aspial Wedding

The first look of Aspial Wedding boutique from the outdoor looks really luxurious and classy. Of course the interior design is as splendid as what its’ outlook assured you. Their Photography styles are modern classic and classic vintage style adapted in a very creative way which sets their difference in terms of its uniqueness and distinction from the rest. You can try their gown before looking at their package price and the coordinator gave me some pertinent advice on how to select the gown that fits me the most! Their service is very professional!











Enya Mareine

Wonderful! This is exactly how excited my fiancé and I felt when we first saw Enya Mareine! We love all of their masterpieces. They make everyone looks like celebrities in the magazine.Enya Mareine is an international award-winning bridal gallery. Our friends has strongly and highly recommended Enya Mareine. All of their consultants and very friendly and professional. They make us feel like home! Totally worth it! Thumbs up!












We have tried 5 pieces of wedding gown in Redbliss. They have A LOT of gowns with extensive choices - from simple and classy to elegant and exquisite, modern and contemporary, and edgy and avant garde gowns that ensure you will be able to pick out your perfect dress to wear during your big day. They specialize in "storybook teller" photography style and this differentiate Redbliss from the rest as the style is more natural, fun, real and witty. They photograph your love story as a commemorative memoir. We are quite surprised by their services as they are keen to share with you all sort of idea that relates to your wedding. Ah! Not to forget to mention that they often organize wedding talk for soon-to-be-newly-wed couple like us to attend on how to organize your wedding and how to choose your perfect bridal boutique.










Annie Loiseau

I would say after visiting all of the wedding boutiques in my schedule,Annie Loiseau has the best wedding gowns I have seen so far. If you fancy European style gowns, you will definitely fall for their designed gowns which are all fully fine-selections imported from France and England. I especially admire their unique embroidery, fine lace and high quality silk or satin and I have tried few gowns and I can tell you, all the gowns are such a beauty that you would have the urge to try them all! IMPRESSIVE! They do offer sell and rent gown. Apart from their magnificent gowns, they also provide photography services; pre-wedding and actual services. They packages are tailored to match your needs and requirements.











Bridal Concept

Bridal Concept is originated from Singapore and they have wedding boutique located in Singapore and Malaysia respectively. You can choose to have different photography style in different region whether to shoot in Malaysia or Singapore and their photography style carries modern classic feel. My boyfriend and I went to visit their physical boutique and were impressed by their indoor setting. The Coordinators are very pleasant and polite, the selection of the gowns are extensive and you will not feel pressured when they discussed their package to you.













STUNNING! if you are looking for a special wedding photography style that emphasizes on visual effect with creative details and movement that is so catchy enough to impress whoever that is seeing it, then Redfeel could be your right choice. We went to their boutique in SS2 and stumbled upon their trademark home style photography -  infrared wedding photography, we were really amazed by the colors and texture that fantasized the whole concept in the images. Absolutely Beautiful.












Stareast covers 2 regions in Malaysia: Penang & KL. Aesthetic, Natural, Fashion and powerful ultra wide angle portrait shots that carry out exaggerating depth and relative size of the photography that capture the beauty of a person's essence and the style within. We are both amaze by their imaginative work when the coordinator shown us their sample album..it was just..very beautiful.








So, this is all about my reviews on the wedding boutiques that I scheduled to visit and it is apparent that hard for me and my boyfriend to choose as they are all quite good in terms of quality and package offered. I would like to listen to different suggestions that you have and opinions before I finally sign on the dotted line..LOL. Thank You.

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