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How to do breastfeeding without pain!!

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A'm 25 weeks pregnant Lorine Niedecker from malaysia. A'm worried about my delivery and specially about breastfeeding. Actually i dun have mother and mother-in-law or any other elder to me and dun have any knowledge about how to do breastfeeding. Once my friend told me about breastfeeding and she said it's really a painful process. Is that true?? So,Please i am requesting all the experienced ladies present here to tell me about that process as that's my first time, that's why am very scared. Suggest me some articles or websites related to breastfeeding from whom i can learn something. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Lorine Niedecker , Don't be so nervous my dear. Everything will be all right. It's a natural process in pregnancy and happens with every lady. It's quite painful process but many type of breast pumps and all available in market which will definitely help you. When my baby was born, my sister told me about all that things because i was also scared like you.she told me about some websites that provides help about each and everything regarding babies. Hope that websites will help you.









That's all are the websites. Anyways there is nothing to fear.May god will keep you and your child safe and healthy.Bless you!!

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