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Me and my fiancé went to Midvalley's Bridal Fair past weekend to source out some good information for our wedding next year. A day well spent with all the valuable resources which gathered at once. It was well-organized with varies type of wedding services. 

Out of numerous of choices, one booth enabled to caught our attention with their unique and artistic outlook. We were attracted by the display showcase video which showing their previous masterpiece in PARIS. You know Best , No girl can resists Paris. As a typical girl like me, my involuntary muscle uncontrollably dragged my fiance to the sale person.

Samuel, our sales person explained us through the entire package in details and we agree that this package can easily costs Rm 30K. As it is a 4 days 3 nights trip with all:  2 days Photoshoot in all signature location Eiffel tower, The Louvre ! , Petit Palais and Arc De Triomphe , I cant remember all. Additionally, couple flight ticket , transportation , accommodation for 3 nights , Photoshoot gown and suits , and a team of photographer + make up artist keep you stunning at all times.  At a moment I can only imagine myself wearing a gown standing below Eifel Tower with my love one , that is just beyond fantasy !

The entire Wedding services is provided by Armadale Wedding house , according to my own research Armadale is known to be a top three Bridal House in Malaysia. This Bridal House received high rating from all customer feedback in social media.

What is really surprising is when Samuel told us , all this can be happened without a penny spent ! WHAT ?! " this is a complimentary trip from Nusmetro developer to reward the love-birds after purchasing Arte Mont Kiara Unit . WoW ! this is a really fresh marketing strategy which Property development can joint venture with wedding services !

We have been haunting for a home for both of us for sometime as that's mandatory after marriage. This package can really kills two birds with a stone. We sat down to gather more information for this project, Arte Mont Kiara. To be very honest, I wasnt very paying attention as I am still in my dream and my gown in Paris. My fiance who constantly self-claimed “ property master”  as he read and gained a lot of interest in property for the past few years being very curious with this Project. I knew this project successfully arouse his interest and attention. 

Jasmine, a friendly sale person from Armadale Bridal house , explained me the wedding package in PARIS and even this package benefits during the actual day. She showed me their available gown and existing album ,slide show , and bonus with scene video in PARIS. What a good show case i can display during my wedding dinner night . Besides, they are returning all soft copy photos and at least 150 shoots with all touch up which set them different from other wedding photography services.

After my Fiance evaluated the ROI and yield of investment and went to show unit of the project . Samuel do walked us through the entire development of KL metropolis and select a unit which fits us the best , additionally with  good rebate.

I am now waiting for all the agreement to be signed , and I cant believe i can really live my dream and at the meantime stay in a French-Retro Stunning Design Apartment !  I can never be happier than a planning like this  !


/ps: i wanted to post some stunning Paris wedding photos offered by the package here, unfortunately it exceed the total file sizes :(

Anyway, if  you wanted to know more, high recommend to give Samuel a call , 016-3225286. A effective and passionate property agent. Good day !

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