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What kind of wedding dress to take pictures?

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White skin is not picky, but the best selection of light color, light color wedding. As the saying goes, "a white cover hundred ugly."". A born beauty, natural white skin, what to wear nice clothes. But to say that the most out of temperament, or white and Light Department wedding dress. A white long dress, with white and tender face, like a fairy.
Dark skin chooses Hua Guixian's bright colored wedding dress. Black skin people must not choose white wedding dress, black and white contrast will highlight the skin black this shortcoming. Therefore, black skin should choose bright colored wedding dresses, wearing such wedding can highlight the atmosphere, particularly noticeable. Just think of a red wine color wedding dress, wearing black and white two color of the person, the white skin of people wearing just beautiful, and dark color of the people will be able to wear temperament, people feel a healthy beauty.
Choose warm, sallow skin color of the wedding. People with wax yellow skin should not wear white, yellow or light colored wedding dresses, which will highlight the yellow color of the skin. And the wedding dresses that are too bright can not be worn out. So, people with wax yellow skin are more suitable for choosing the middle or warm color wedding dresses. Charcoal gray or warm dark red wedding can make the yellow skin of the bride more personality, elegant and charming.

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