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How to choose a wedding dress?

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The first step: trial preparation
Before the dress try to do a little preparation, don't look down upon this one, is the tiny details about your final decision.
1. Roll up your hair and prepare a pair of stockings, so that you can show the most real effect when you try the outfit.
2, to prepare a small handkerchief, to sweat with.
3, wear light underwear, remove straps, otherwise it will not only affect the test effect, but also make you feel very awkward.
4, give up the idea of trying everything, every girl feel that trying to dress, think more try the better, the best of each try, so that will feel no regrets. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because each try a wedding dress, there will be different feelings, and sometimes try too much, you will think that this is good, that is good, but let yourself confused. Some even think that the more try the more bad, so it affects the happy mood, especially in different styles of bridal shop try on, let you can not find the feeling. The best thing to do is to find a style before you try it on and try it on 2~3 sets.
The second step: tailored
Choose your dress according to your figure, which will help you to look more harmonious.
1, the face is too large
The face should be clean, simple and complex, so that the big face will be more eye-catching. A sling embellishes a bra coat for clavicle floriation, set aside space, use the horizontal shoulder design will have little effect, can also choose to replace the A font skirt.
A tedious design will highlight and chest big face, so the choice should pay special attention to.
2, shoulders too wide
The sleeveless V collar is a good choice to expose the triangular area of the shoulders and is compact and stylish in design. Or put some decorations on your shoulders and try to get the long ones out.
Ship type wedding because extends to the cuff, cover your sexy collarbone, shoulder width and feel stretched, choose shoulder styles will be much better.
3, the upper arm is too coarse
Long sleeves are the easiest solution. If you have a wedding gown with a small coat, you can have two different styles. Sleeveless V style or a shawl can also be available.
Tight sleeve design will be easier to highlight the problem of strong upper arm, if you must choose half sleeve, then please choose material lightweight elegant.
4, life buoy belly
At the waist by some design and processing, such as high waist design. In order to hide the shortcomings of the lower abdomen, you can add V shaped arc in the waist position of the wedding dress, and then you can wear a fluffy skirt. If you like, you can also decorate some small flowers on the middle of the waist.
The third step: against the skin color
1, yellow color of the bride
In people's impression, the yellow color of the beauty will make people feel pale, so this kind of bride may choose the middle color of the wedding dress.
If the face is not good enough, do not choose tedious wedding dresses, otherwise, the overall feeling will become cumbersome.
2, darker skinned bride:
Dark skin gives a healthy feeling, but it takes extra care to choose a wedding gown, which can lead to contrasting embarrassment.

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