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How to choose wedding dress?

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First, the color of the wedding dress
The wedding is not white, even with all the requirements of the bride all headdress is a snow-white, began in Vitoria in the China queen age; traditional red as a symbol of auspiciousness; at the beginning of twentieth Century, the silver wedding is the highlight of the royal dignity, visible wedding is all the "color", no special provisions to wear white wedding.
With the changing trend of the wedding, in addition to white, beige, ivory and other traditional colors, it is also becoming popular in pink, orange, blue, purple, pink and green and light gray dress, very soft and pleasing; as for the most popular, of course, is white, ivory or champagne wedding.
In fact, the color of the wedding dress is not important, it is important to match the bride's skin color. Asian color is deep and yellow, wearing ivory color will be more harmonious natural, and blue, purple, yellow skin is generally not very coordinated, but orange, green and yellow color match. As for the skin white, red or bronze skin of the bride, wearing white will look good.
How to choose wedding dress?
Two, according to the selection of wedding dresses
Choose their own wedding dress, the most important thing is to show their personality and temperament, highlighting their more moving side.
Figure 1.: suitable for high waisted, dainty and cute, yarn surface, waist pleated white gauze, with modified body proportions. Should avoid wedding skirts too fluffy, causing heavy and short head light highlights the shortcomings of the foot. The shoulder sleeve design should avoid too exaggerated, such as bulla cuff or lotus; upper body can be gorgeous and varied, and avoid long skirt veil; the waist can be'V'micro rise design, in order to increase the sense of slender.
2. tall: any style of dress can be tried, especially in the bag body hem fishtail wedding dress to show the advantages of short stature. The cap collocation wedding plus cover half of the denomination.
3. tall thin shoulder two: strengthening the design of dress, can make the bride look more slender in high spirit, such as exaggerated shoulder pads, bubble sleeve and lotus leaf design, body lines should change; avoid shoulder, chest styles.
Figure 4.: suitable for cutting straight to the plump, add lace style, wear slender. Not recoverable turtleneck style, should choose low collar; and the design of the waist, skirt should avoid tedious.

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