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how to take care of hair extension?

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Not to use the comb wig, is a kind of special steel or iron comb, comb. In this case, no static electricity, and the comb spacing is larger, but also more difficult to pull down hair.
Use conditioner such as steel comb, synthetic wig has a wig hair conditioner is relatively smooth, then according to straighten out the good curl. The wig is very messy, it would have to re wash to wash their hair as usual washing is good, but we must put cream or rinse conditioner. This way, the washed hair is supple and lustrous. Don't force it too much when you wash it. Just rub out the foam. When put the rinse way to straighten out the wig. After washing, put in the flat that kind of special airing net to dry, pay attention to, don't insolation. After the dry, according to the shape of the painted products.

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