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2017 August 27, Macao Public Lecture of beauty style hair transplant

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2017 August 27, Macao Public Lecture of beauty style hair transplant


Dear Macao Hair friends,

We are very welcome you to attend a lecture of AHS Asia Korean Hair Transplant on Sunday, August 27, 2017. This lecture will be held in Galaxy Macau™, COTAI, Macau.


Taiwan society of Hair Transplant Medicine founder, Dr. Zhou will give you a comprehensive lecture about knowledge of hair transplant and answer your hair and scalp problems.

Dr. Zhou is going to present : Five advantages of doing hair transplant in Taiwan and its higher medical safety quality. Also he will share some success cases and give some gifts for a quiz contest.

Galaxy Macau™, COTAI, Macau.(The image captured from the Internet)



1.   As long as you participate in the lecture, you’ll obtain a new edition of Taiwan’s first hair transplant book written by Dr. Irene

2.   We are willing to provide Airport shuttle service if you make an appointment of hair transplant in the lecture.

3.   We have a right to revise and select the number of registration.

4.     When other factors such as natural disasters or irresistible situation, we have a right to postpone the lecture.

5. This lecture is limited for foreign participants, Taiwan lecture will be announced and held the other day.

6. The activity will conduct with high-end VIP appointment to ensure the attendants’privacy.

7. The lecture is free, but you need to register in advance and the number of participants is limited.



Q1: I am wondering how does the hair transplant work? After hair transplant, will my hair still fall out?

A: Hair Transplant will take your occipital health hair follicle to transplant in bald area. It only can use your own hair, the volume of hair follicle will not increase and it’s just relocated the hair follicle distribution. After hair transplant, about 4 to 9 months later the hair starts to grow. After 12~18 months the effect of hair transplant will be more stable.

Q2: After hair transplant operation, will I need to return for a follow up consultation?

A: The operation just takes 6-8 hours, using local anesthetic and mini-invasive surgery, so the other day will be ok to go back to work and no need to return for a follow up consultation, just do the home care way to look after suture wounds.   

Q3: Do I need to have my head shaved before hair transplant?

A: Korean beauty style hair transplant is using
disposable hair transplant needle to conduct directly, no need to shave whole head. 

Q4: How much does it charge for hair transplant?

A: Normally, the fare is calculated by the number of hairs, M shaped bald customer in the beginning can choose oral drugs or external drugs to cure. After the doctor’s diagnostic evaluation, if suitable for hair transplant, the fare will cost around one hundred thousand. The medium-term of hair loss customer, it costs one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand. The widespread of hair transplant will cost more than two hundred thousand.

Q5: If I want to come to Taiwan for hair transplant, how long should i stay in Taiwan? 

A: You could arrange 2-3 days, the first day we conduct the hair transplant surgery, and the third day you come back for a follow up consultation. The nurse will introduce and guide you to look after the suture wounds at home. After 14 days, you can go to local hospital to take out Stitches, or use free stitches to suture, but it needs doctor’s diagnostic evaluation.

Q6:Does it have to remove stitches?

A: We can provide free stitches service for foreign customer, however, it needs doctor’s diagnosis to decide individual constitution suitable to apply to services or not. If the customer has the problem of removing stitches, after 14 days the customer can go to local hospital to take our stitches.

Q7:Is it okay to conduct multiple hair transplant at once, like head, beard and sideburns?


A: Yes, it could be okay. The customer should have sufficient hair follicles resource and then conduct widespread hair transplant to other parts. It also needs a doctor to diagnose and evaluate the feasibility of hair transplant.   

Q8:What is the procedure of going to Taiwan for hair transplant?

A: The first day you should register before 2pm in the afternoon, we will provide shuttle car to pick you up from the airport and drive to clinic or hotel. We will take blood test and doctor’s evaluation to ensure the surgery’s quality and safety. The second day morning will arrange the operation(6-8 hours), the third day afternoon return to clinic for a follow up consultation, and 1 hour later we will prepare the car to send you to the airport.     




Contact Us:

LINE ID:0989354186

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+886 989354186

Wechat ID:newhair01

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