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what kind of food are good for hair?

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Hello everyone,

Eat more conducive to hair growth of green vegetable food: spinach, leek, celery, bell pepper, green asparagus and other green vegetables can beautify the skin, helps the melanin, make the hair to keep black, and because these vegetables are rich in fiber, can increase the number of hair.

Beans: soybean can increase the luster of the hair, elastic and smooth effect, prevent the bifurcation or fracture. Seaweed: seaweed, kelp, Undaria pinnatifida, rich in calcium, potassium, iodine and other substances. Can promote the metabolism of brain nerve cells, but also to prevent gray hair. Food, cakes, fast food, carbonated drinks, ice cream, etc that are detrimental to hair growth. These are mostly young women's favorite food, if the diet is too much, can affect the normal growth of hair, prone to volume or white hair.

Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated,




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