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Feedback on not to go TOUCH studio Kuching bridal shop

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Dear brides in kuching, please do not get cheated by this bridal shop TOUCH studio as they will create a small problem in order for u to compensate them some amount. Some more the gown is very expensive for renting with not so good iron technique and not so good MUA technique. 

Apparently I rented 2 gown for my event, the lady by the name of Charine - the MUA, will NVR propose the latest make-up skill by using Airbrush or using ampule to keep ur make-up last long eventhou u already told them ur plan. My make-up only can last for 2 hours n melt like shit. Never mind. 

Upon when we collect the gown, no checking was done , the lady was said everything good can jus collect n go. Definitely if u hv a rating on FB 4.6 definitely ppl will trust what u get but yet they doesn't prove that.

My sister only notice upon when I wear the gown during the event but she thought is part of the design yet look so weird. That's y we not bordering.

When return the gown the MUA checked the gown, yet she take so long we was just wondering n she found a small patch something like burning on the gown area but NVR go through it. Bcus already put on n event gonna start that's y we r not bordering. So she asked us for a compensation of 200++ yet NVR hv a sorry from their part that they NVR do their job well to check. N NVR show their sincerity and keep on saying is our fault NVR check. I think is the assistant manager Albee show a very impolite attitude when we are trying to explain. 

Brides all wanna b the most beautiful women at their important moment, we forgive ur imperfect gown but not ur attitude and services.

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