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Sleeping is vital for the body-mind machine to relax and repair itself, so that you may function at maximum levels in the morning. If you are a snorer, it will hinder your sleep and disturb your body’s recovery process. Also, it disturbs the sleep of your loved ones. Snoring can be dealt with by practicing good sleep hygiene but that doesn’t always help. 

Nose vents can help. Anti snoring vents help in dilating the nostrils to allow easier breathing through the nose to improve nasal breathing. These medical-grade silicone vents fit snugly inside your nostrils to ensure that you don’t sleep throughout the night.       

Snoring is also often associated with a sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Not all snorers have OSA but it’s still advisable to check with your doctor once. There are several causes of sleep apnea. If yours is because of nasal congestion, that is causing you to breathe from the mouth; then, nose vents will help clear your congested sinuses.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Nose vents?


  • Cost-effective

  • User friendly

  • Reusable 


  • Invasive 

  • Needs some getting used to 

  • Works on trial and error 

What Are Some Other Things You Can Do To Stop Snoring?

  1. Fix your sleep schedule 

According to studies, more than 47% of Americans lack a proper sleep schedule. A proper schedule is vital for your body to keep functioning at its best.

  1. Avoid snacking at night

Snacking late at night is directly related to your snoring. By getting rid of the meal you eat before bed, you can significantly decrease your snoring. 

  1. Avoid bright lights before bedtime

Bright lights stimulate the brain and trick it into feeling awake and energetic. Even a bright night lamp can indicate your brain to stay active longer. The same is the case with mobile phones, TVs, and any other screens. The only source of light that will not hinder your sleep environment is moonlight. 

  1. Try not to nap 

Napping during the day will cut your precious downtime at night. Napping is a habit that most of us partake in, we nap because we think it is a way for our body to recover. However, that is just not true. If you nap during the day, your body presumes that you won’t be needing your night sleep. 





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