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Our 'unforgettable' experience in Federal Hotel

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Hi All,

It's been 1/2 a year since our wedding dinner at Federal Hotel Banquet Hall. Our wedding date was on 10th March (Sat). To commemorate our 1/2 year anniversary, I wish to tell you all about the incident of our life that had not been forgotten after 1/2 year. We booked our wedding dinner via wedding fair last year. After going thru the restaurants and hotel, we decided to held a halal dinner. Since we had a colleague that put their wedding dinner there, we thought that it's fine. At that time, the service was decent and the food was OK. The sales manager that sealed our deal was David Tsen. We had prepared our wedding dinner meticolously. From putting Thank You card, getting early bird gift to getting the LCD projector. We do that hoping our guest that allocate their most precious time to attend our wedding dinner would had a wonderful time. We even get our friend to sing some song and be entertained. But one thing that truly disappointed us was the service rendered by the staff of Federal Hotel. From the sales manager, captain to the waiter/waiteress. All had not customer focused. The waiter/waiteress were employed as contract staff and was not permanently employed by the hotel. As the dinner proceed, lots of our table was unattended. The waiter/waiteress somehow had learn the disappearing act of not around the Banquet Hall. The call for service (i.e. pouring of drink, utensil) etc was left unanswered for a long time. The remaining staff having to do for 2 or 3 person responsibility were getting restless. Staff had to handle 4 - 5 tables at the same time. Imagine our horror that we had 1 table that were left unseated not knowing that the captain was not telling the person in charge about it.

2 days after the wedding dinner, we proceed to the office and ask for clarification on the issues that we've encountered on our wedding dinner. He promised to look into this since we had to rush for our honeymoon the day after. The investigation was only known about 1 month later. And that's after we've called him first. Not just that he's denying that those incident had happened, he also think that we've tried to take advantage of the hotel. They didn't apologize at all and try to be emphatetic. We were instead required to produce evidence by asking our guest/person in charge that day to come forward to the hotel and clarify the matter. When I told this to my guest, they think that's truly absurd. Where they can find a hotel having such a bad service. The reason why I wrote this thread was because my complaint to the Federal Hotel was left unanswered. Please DONT believe what David Tsen said. We were truly disappointed that all the complaint that we've filed required evidence that include calling our guest to come over the hotel during the office hour. I'm wondering what kind of hotel service and management are doing. It's very sad that the Hotel had just celebrate their 50th anniversary few weeks back and yet they haven't put customer first on the service. Rather than choosing the path of "Good to Great", they instead embark from "Good to worse".

Lets this story be the reminder that not all wedding dinner can go well as planned. Let this story be the reminder that not all wedding dinner can go well as planned. Let the member of the forum to be aware that there's unscropolous people out there trying to get as much profit as possible on this so called 'Once in a lifetime activity'.

1. Ask around friends, family, relatives and colleagues on the restaurant, hotel that you're planning to held your wedding dinner - What's their reputation, opening gambit etc

2. Go and have a look on the actual wedding dinner prior to your booking on that venue and see their service rendered by the waiter staff

3. Do not merely believe the lip service by the sales manager and get the testimonial on those that had planned their wedding dinner there

4. Do your own due diligence whenever possible to ensure that it's fair between you and the hotel/restaurant.

If you believe on the story, I would be glad that you can spread the news. When they realize that customer are not coming to the hall then hopefully they'll realize how serious this matter is. If anyone interested to understand more about the incident are welcome to PM me to know more. I want to let you all know that not anyone would be interested to dig/write a story on something unhappy about their life story unless it's true.

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There are always the newspapers.

Also, note to all ladies here - have your communication log during your complain process logged in black and white. Makes things easier when you lodge a complaint. :)

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Sorry to hear your "misfortune" on such a important day. I would suggest you to fill in a complaint with the Tribunal (cost u RM10 only) and seek for some monetary compensation or official apology from the hotel. U might not need the money but no harm to get it from these irresponsible hotel & donate those money for charity. If u need any help/clarification, feel free to drop me a line.

Hi Sharon,

I initially wanted to pursue an official apology with the Hotel but this David guy insist there's no wrong in their side. I'm interested to pursue this on the tribunal but the event happenned 1/2 year ago. Can you show me the steps ? I'm glad to donate the money to the charity but the important thing we want is an official apology from them and they never reply on me on this. This kind of attitude is truly unacceptable for hospitality industry. Imagine your feeling if you been treated unfairly. Can anyone can advise if the tribunal can resolve on an event occurred 6 months ago ?

Here is the e-mail that I've written to them and didn't received any reply


Hi Federal Hotel Customer Service/GM,

Marriage suppose to be a happy and enjoying moment. Everyone treasure their once in a lifetime experience and would like to leave a good memory behind. With the bride and groom celebrating their love by inviting friends, family and relatives to witness them during a wedding dinner. We had chosen Federal Hotel because of customer service that we've witness on my friend wedding in Jan 2006. During that time, we recall the service was good and the waitress was prompt on our request for drink and liquors. Overall, we had a memorable experience there.

On my wedding dinner held on the 10th March, the service had deteriorated. From the feedback that we've received from our friends and relatives, the service rendered was really unacceptable. Drinks and liquor that ordered through the waiter/waitress are not arriving within satisfactory period (Some even have to wait for more than 15 minutes and some resorted to take their beverages/liquors themselves over the bar counter). Many occasions of waiter was manning 5 or 6 tables was seen during the banquet. We were promised that they'll be 2 waiter/waitress for every 3 banquet tables. But we're not really sure where they are during that important moment. Some of the waiter/waitress face was not friendly and occasionally shown a sour face to the guest. If during that dinner that we were not busy toasting to our relatives and friends, we would had told this to the supervisor immediately.

Seriously concern this issue, me and my wife had personally come to your office on the 12th of March around 4 pm to put our feedback into writing to the David Tsen (Sales Manager ). We just got our reply yesterday evening from David on this. There are few issues that we're not really satisfied of but the biggest problem we've experienced was bad service. In the reply, most of issues that we highlight requiring our guest/witness to come over to your office during afternoon office hour on Mon - Thu. Imagine the trouble and hassle of the guest to come over to explain/talk it out within your banquet manager. They need to sacrifice their valuable working hour and try to recall their bad experience they had. Is it your way of the hotel in treating the customer/guest by asking them to personally come over whenever a complaint/feedback had been submitted ? For my side, if the overall feedback from large group people that are generally positive, we wouldn't have make a hassle and complaint but the service was just too bad for us not to take action upon. Everyone would had expected a hotel service would be better than the general restaurant. Hiring of temporary waiter/waitress in handling our banquet seriously need further investigation especially for those

My friends and relatives coming on my wedding dinner were initially to celebrate with us and hoping to had a great environment in your hotel. What they bring back was not just memory of us but the bad memorable service that had irritated 430 guest. Multiplied by their word of mouth from them, your hotel had just got your 'free advertising' on the service from there.

In closing, I hope the management can really take initiative and thoroughly investigate on this especially the service provided by the waiter and waitress on the banquet hall. An ordinary people wouldn't be interested to draft a mail and put false allegations to something that are baseless. A famous hotel who will be celebrating 50 years of business wouldn't want customer felt treated poorly on their service along the way. Hope to hear the official reply on your side soon and hopefully the hotel can strive in improving their service to the guest/customer.


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You may refer to the Tribunal website for further information. Ir should take max of 2 months to get the hearing. You need to get ready with all your evidences & witness and correspondances with the hotel. The good thing about Tribunal is that you will not be threatened by the hotel lawyer... No lawyer is allowed at tribunal and some of the chinese newspapers like to report Tribunal cases. The hotel has a brandname to protect thus they usually will do something to resolve the matter. Good luck!

I'll see what I can do on this. Will discuss this with my wife. Since it involve witness and there's no correspondances (only e-mail and telephone) it's quite tough to nail them. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for tips Sharon.

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