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Palace of Golden Horses vs Saujana Hotel

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Hi girls. This thread is very old. The last post was in 2008! So I will update you about both hotels.

PGH changed management in 2009 or 2010 (not sure the exact year). After that...it is downhill all the way. Numerous complains about the Bad food quality still failed to make the new Management take heed to improve on it. You will not hear anyone praise their food even today. It is just plain bad quality.

Paying so much money to get bad quality food is really not wise at all.

Saujana Food quality is lot higher. In fact they have always been good all these years. Even after they changed their Head Chefs many times. the food quality has been consistently good.

Ambiance wise, PHG looks more grand of course. Saujana does look dated...but their popular smaller Ballroom (Zamrud Hall) is currently undergoing renovation as once it is done...it will look very modern.

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I heart the club by Suajana at first, almost put my deposit for it, their zamrud and ti chen restaurant won my heart and of course their garden.


The main concern is they did not allow gate crashing , even we said no game is going to be play, they dont even allow the relatives and friends to accompany the groom to pick the brides up. The request us to do the gate crashing at the function room, 1500++ for rental, and no water game. and the venue has to be clean after that. There is where they started to pissed me off.

Gate crashing at a function room, with minimal noise, and clean after that? like seriously ?

They allow the friends and family to accompany the groom to pick up the bride (still no gate crashing, its not allow any where in the premise, except the function room) WITH NO NOISE.

Thats a joke for me actually, so Saujana , its totally out of the question already.

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