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allove diamond versus estrella diamond... which is better.. allove diamonds has 10 hearts and arrows. 

both looks really nice and with proper certification but allove diamond has the light performance cert.

any input on which to choose?

Allove is a round modified diamond that has 81 facets compared to the traditional modern round brilliant which has 57 facets. I believe Allove daimonds come with a GIA cert while Estrella comes with IGI cert. GIA cert is usually the more preferred certificate in the market, compared to IGI. However, in this case, I would prefer Estrella over Allove, reason being 57 facets is a well-proven diamond shape. To me, those modified diamonds are just gimmick that will cost more. Of course, if you talk about resell value, I believe a 57 facets will have more value as well. The extra facets may cause an increase in sparkles but they are actually tiny sparkles that is actually split out from big sparkle if the stone were cut to a traditional 57 facets, meaning, the amount of total amount of light is the same, just that they are split into smaller sparkles when the diamond moves. Also, extra facets may compromise on the amount of fire. This is probably because the extra tiny sparkles may cover up the fire dispersion (my guess). Anyway, you may refer to these links (please open in new tab for links):



I have seen an Estrella before and it looks nice. However, this does not guarantee all the other Estrellas are the same. The Estrella I saw was a sample stone, which I believe should definitely look nice since it is meant to be used as a, well, sample. If possible, request to view both the Hearts & Arrows image before purchasing any of them. Also, try to get ASET and IdealScope image as well. Both of these can tell you the light performance of the diamond. I won't put my hopes high on getting these 2 images though. However, you should be entitled to get the Hearts & Arrows image since that's their main selling point.

Now, back to Allove. Although I don't prefer extra facets diamond, but if the extra facets are not too over (like too many extra), I believe it may actually bring positive result to the diamond. But if all the crucial angles of both diamonds are similar, I would still go for a traditional 57 facets because I would like bolder sparkles. It all boils down to individual preference at the end of the day. Look at the diamonds and let your feeling flow. Of course, you will have to see your budget as well. Usually these diamonds are marked-up and not really worth the price, but that's what usually happen if you decided to buy in retail stores. Make a price comparison with other options in the market, and see if you are comfortable with the marked-up price, if yes, then you are good to go. If no, then try to explore further on other options.

To make a survey on the diamond price, you can visit http://www.audreys.com.my/diamond.html. If you would like to try shops other than typical shopping retail stores, then try to search for these non-mainstream stores: http://myengagementringexperience.blogspot.my/2016/08/non-mainstream-diamond-stores-in-malaysia.html

If you want some guidance on how to select a round brilliant diamond, you may refer here. Although this is written with 57 facets diamond in mind, but the crucial angles such as crown and pavilion angle will determine the performance of probably any round diamond: http://myengagementringexperience.blogspot.my/2017/01/simple-steps-to-select-round-brilliant.html

I have written about Estrella diamonds here. Take a look: http://myengagementringexperience.blogspot.my/2016/08/diamond-platinum-estrella-diamond.html

If you prefer Super Ideals that have all the images for you to refer, I strongly suggest either: WhiteFlash: http://www.whiteflash.com/?a_aid=myengringexp

Brian Gavin Diamonds: http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/?a_aid=myengexp

Both are affiliate links btw. Their prices are very competitive compare to what you can get locally in Malaysia.

Lastly, good luck and all the best!


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Thank you for sharing. Very useful information.

I am also a big diamond lover and I have just found a new site full of beautiful fine jewelry: Brilliant Canary dot com. You will find splendid rings, bracelets and other accessories at very good prices. They provide a appraisal letter signed by GIA certified gemologist if you buy more than $1000.

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