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Bridal Shower/Hen's Night/Bachelorette Party

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It was fun in the beginning but when its getting harder and harder to sell, i started to get bored. And bcoz of that, i started to get shy when i want to approach ppl to buy from me.... "eat lemon' many times.

Generally, I think most Malaysian not so sporting. For my friend's hen night, we got her to wear a board offering to sell her "services" like singing a song, dancing, a hug. Many people we approach, just quickly turn away or simply ignore. And it was only for like RM2. Since that didn't turn out quite well, so, ended up we just ask her to get 20 guys to dance with her and she achieved it :-)

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I am a guy but I'd like to input a little. Take caution on hen night whatsoever. i always thing decent fun is good. It's not the end of life so don't take it as a license to do everything.

One of my friend actually had hers and her ex bf was there too. They ended up getting a little tipsy, started to get intimate and then you guys can guess what happened. Wedding was called of. She didn't intend it, cause she was just tipsy. The guy on the other hand, it was an opportunity for him to just sleep with her, he don't see why he shouldn't take it.

Just becareful and even if friends are so called looking after you, I know many who have the mentality that, heyyy, it's just one time for you to have fun. Go for it. These kinda friend, is going to ruin your life.

I do believe in loyalty and self control. But I also believe in the word accident at spur of moments.

Sporting or not, hmpphhh. Debatable. But inviting trouble, isn't so much of what we call sporting or not. Now imagine,, your future husband also have that kinda bachelor party, where his friends ask girls to lure him and do lap dancing. If he's a bit tipsy and all, that would be the night you might just lose your husband because of alcohol and friends who thinks this is the end of his bachelor days.

Besides that, do haf fun !

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let me share my crazy hen's night that my lovely Maid of Honor organised..

i booked myself a room at Maya Hotel..somehow, luck was on my side... when i checked in, they upgrade me to the deluxe room with standard suite rate.. the room was lovely even though its suite style..

relaxed with my MOH.. then we went out to KLCC to buy stuffs.. some food stuffs.. (i still dun really have any idea what's going to happen) ok ok.. fast fwd.. 7pm.. all my ji muis starting to arrive.. the room is big enough to fit 8-10 of us.. can't really remember the exact num.. hehehe.. at about 8:30pm.. A male stripper arrived!!! Gosh!! hahahah...

Thankfully I bought some wine and started earlier.. being teased and all.. then we had some finger food.. freshen up a bit then walk across to zouk for dinner.. they made me wear some feathery stuff on my head so that i look different from them.. after dinner, we went in to Velvet.. and guess what? my Maid of Honor made me wear polo mint around my neck and wanted me to sell all of them!

The ppl there are quite sporting overall.. bite off the polo mint from my neck and they didn't really take advantage.. got a few la.. but still ok considering i have to sell so many.. 1st round done very quickly.. then back to our table for more drinks.. (i think my ji muis all itchy d.. cos got a lof of buyer.. we increase the price and go another round..) quick round also.. finished within minutes.. earned back 1 bottle.. they shared the 2nd bottle..ehehe.. then they make me do 10 tasks.. eg: find a bald guy and kiss his head.. etc... hahaha.. and i did and completed all 10 tasks..so i didn't get punished by my ji muis.. hehe..

fun night.. left velvet around 2 or was it 3? was quite high by the time we left.. :D

Hye. I'm organizing a hen night for my friend. Can u please ask ur friend about the male stripper contact. Would like to know how much roughly it'll cost. Thank u very very much! :)

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hi there, im organising the hens nite for my beloved sister n was thinkin of a male sripper? has anyone got contacts for good looking male stripper? pls pls PM me..thanks so much..oh, i do need some ideas/suggestions on the agenda and place to do it..pls pls i need advice..THANK u in advance ;)

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im planning a hens nite for my fren..was wondering if anyone can help me...where can i find those sash with the word "The Bride" on it? i know where to get the tiaras and magic wand but i dunno where to find the sash...

hope someone can help me here...tq so much!! :)

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I had my :lol: hens night hanging around the pubs only. but it was fun.

After having such hens night, i thought i should have done one more relaxing, girlie chill out

hens spa-ty. Now, my turn to plan one for another friend...

Just went to check out this place in genting, newly launched called Pedas Spings.

Nice ambiece not too posh... bigh enough to accomodate a gang up to 15 pax but

obviously we only have 6 of us..surely can fit us.

Prices are not bad too..

Cheaper getaway than our original plan to fly to BKK.

if anyone been there do share ya!! :)

Cant wait for that experience!!!

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Wos sounds really fun!!!


I had mine in Singapore and my girlfriends got me a male stripper!! I couldnt believe them!!! They rented a small cosy function room with dinner for abt 5 of us....and after food and some drinks, he came in. We were all traumatised by the end of it because they didnt know what to expect as well! But all in all it was hilarious and a night to remember ! I told my husband and he laughed and laughed. His bachelor night however was way quieter than mine.....hahahahhah!

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I had a mini one 2 days before my real wedding. It was among my few friends, around 10 plus only, but I have to say, it was one of the most memorable gathering I had!

Basically we went shopping in the day (only window!) and at night they hired a stripper who went to one of my friend's bungalow to perform. You might say I'm too conservative but it was really embarrassing for me lol, having a man (esp. a stranger) stripteasing right in front of me, and the others were just cheering on. Yet when I think back again, it was actually quite fun. I wouldn't have experienced it if not for my friends who plan the whole event.

Then late at night it was just girls' talk with some drinks. It was one of the longest and deepest discussion we had, just that few girls cuddling together doing a heart-to-heart talk. Honestly, I almost cried at some point of time, thinking about how much they've done for me, and really just grateful for the friendship.

Now that I'm married, I'm still keeping in touch with some friends, but it's truly a great night to have ^^

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I called up my girlfriends whom I am extremely close with after all the dates were set and practically told them "I'm getting married, you better throw me a bachelorette party!" :P haha yes kinda demanded it from them. But i figured we're all so close why should there be any formality and why should I wait for them to plan it..i mean what if they never think of it :wacko3: Guess I really needed a vacation in the midst of all the wedding planning pressure! But tell me, do you'll think this is inappropriate?

Then we got together and I said that I would like a weekend away with them just like old times and the next thing I know they have planned a vacation and booked a room. It is 2 months prior to my wedding, which I think is good cos any sooner and I may get too busy with the wedding preps.

This is the first time one of us in our group is getting married so its all new for us and my friends are not too sure of what to do, thats why I am co-organizing with them. I initiated it, but from there on my friends took over with the bookings and planning. We are sharing all costs though. I guess there are no rules about these things. It is up to you and the kind of friends you have.

Nontheless I know we're going to have a great time.

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hi, i'm looking for a male stripper for my fren's hens night. anyone of you who had hire any good male stripper here, please give me the contact plz....need it by 26/11...thanks alot

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Hello ladies!

Planning a Hens Nite or Bachelor Party? Then you will want our sexy and gorgeous strippers at your party. We offer the hottest and wildest strippers that you will find in the Malaysia.

Our male strippers can show up as a police officer, room service, pizza delivery costumes they have available.

We guarantee your show will be one to remember forever! Whether mild or wild, classy, or sassy, we promise to make this your best party ever!

Our girls will make your bachelor party extra special. They will perform their show to your taste. Whether it's mild or wild.

Costumes are provided for those who fancy role plays before performing.

We only work with professional strippers and clients. NO VIDEO, NO PHOTOS, NO SEX, NO HANKY PANKY!

Rules & Regulations


Cancellation Policy: Notice of cancellation must be received 24 hours prior to the event. If not, a cancellation fee of RM100 per entertainer will be assessed.

Refund: If the entertainer has already performed for your event, there are no refunds or exceptions.

Abuse: If any of the entertainers are touched inappropriately, or physically/verbally abused, the show will be ended immediately and offenders prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

There are absolutely NO video cameras, cameras or camera phones permitted during the show unless given permission by the entertainer(s)

Payment: Payment is expected in FULL prior to or upon arrival. Entertainers will not perform if payment has not been received in full prior to the event.

Personal Items: If any personal items belonging to our entertainers are broken, stolen, or damaged, it will be the customer’s responsibility to repair or replace the damaged item.

The Stage Setting:

Please have a room for the entertainers to get dressed or into costume.

Please have a CD player with music list and some of your favorite music for the show.

Tips: We do not practice tipping in Malaysia but it is most welcome as it will make the event more interesting

Party Responsibility:

Please be in charge of keeping your guests respectful of the entertainers so that they can do their job. Be cooperative and treat the entertainers with kindness and respect. Participate and enjoy the party with your guests!

Party Rates

PACKAGE 1 – RM 550 onwards

Without costumes

Duration – 30 minutes

No of Spectators – 3-20 audiences

PACKAGE 2 – RM 650 onwards

With costumes

Duration – 45 minutes

No of Spectators – 3-20 audiences

We would recommend all performances to be executed between 30- 45 mins. Any performances that is less than 30mins would be too short and more than 45mins would be too long and winding. If you have any inquiries whether you would like to pro-long or cut short the show, please let us know and we will cater your needs.

Any inquiries please email us at --> mystripperforhire@hotmail.com

Let us help you make your party the best ever!!

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Dear ladies and Gentleman~

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate with your love ones? Wanted to get gorgeous before your wedding ? Planning to host somewhere extra special to celebrate private exclusive bachelorette or bridal party? Or perhaps a group of friends just fancy a “Girls Day Out” with a difference?

Whatever your reasons or your intentions, an invigorating ESTUARY MEDISPA experience is always a distinctive choice for you.

Choose from our wide array of holistic wellness & beauty therapies, ranging from aromatherapy massages to skincare and body treatments ideal for both ladies & gentlemen. Essentially to relax, refresh, rejuvenate & redefined the mind, body & soul.

We can cater comfortably accommodate up to 10 people at any one time. Why not browse through our menu and you can choose a group package or something exclusive that you would like to be included? I'm sure this would be a memorable pre-wedding indulgence party ever.

For more information please visit our Website: http://www.estuary.com.my or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EstuarySpa

See yaa~~ =)

‘’Bridal Bliss Package’’

Full Body Scrub

Full Body VINO Mask

Milk Spa Jacuzzi

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxing Facial Treatment


Japanese Sauna (45mins) & 1Bottle of Premium Red Wine

Price: RM699 for two


‘’Bachelorette Party’’ Spa Package

Aromatherapy massage (60 mins) RM 168

Japanese Synergy Sauna (45 mins) (voucher) RM 80

Ear candling (20 mins) RM 55

Bio Cell Shock Face Treatment (90 mins) RM 220

Foods & Beverages (per head) RM 30++


1Bottle of Premium Red Wine

Price: RM299 per head

(Minimum 10 persons – Maximum 15 persons entries for entire spa booking)

*Above value worth of walk-in price at an average RM 553++

Estuary Medispa & Esthetics

S-2-23, The Scott Garden,

289 Jalan Klang Lama

58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email : erico.lim@estuary.com.my

Contact : 017 - 2183 689 (erico) , 03 - 7983 8998

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 20:30

Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

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